Give It To Me


HOMESHAKE is the pseudonym and solo project of Montreal-based musician Peter Sagar, mostly recognized as the former guitarist and keyboardist for Mac DeMarco.

As follow up to his 2014 debut In the Shower, Homeshake released a new album, Midnight Snack last fall with Sinderlyn Records. Like his previous album, most songs follow a recurring theme of love- Midnight Snack is a representation of the simple pleasure of a midnight snack before curling up in bed next to the person you love. “With previous projects, I felt pretty limited in what kind of stuff I could make, like I was going for one sound in particular or something,” Sagar says of the new, progressive sound. “Now, I don’t care about that and do whatever I want.”

Give it to me has to be my favorite track on the record- a big change from what we’ve heard from HOMESHAKE in his last album. The guitar melodies become less prominent and his slow and dreamy vocals take main stage. We hear a lot more of vocal looping and electronic instrumentation this time around.

The music video features Peter Sagar himself enjoying a day at the beach pier with Salina, his girlfriend. We see the simple and sometimes goofy Sagar, seemingly unfazed by any troubles, and exuberayting strong chill vibes that we love his music for.


I wish you could climb inside my head
 So you could see what it means
 When I'm so cold
 Feeling so low

Give it to me,
 Give it to me baby,
 Now show me your love

I wish I could live in your heart
 So I could see what it means
 When you're so hot
 You seem so far

Give it to me, 
 Give it to me baby,
 Now show me some love

 (Please, baby)

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